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#1 09.02.2005 17:36

Registered: 09.02.2005
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news.php is slow

I really like the news.php page that comes in the default installation.  I edited the skin and added one more feed, but now it takes about 40 seconds for the news.php page to load.  Has anyone else encountered this probelem?  Is there a way to cache just that one page?



#2 09.02.2005 18:58

From: College Station, Texas
Registered: 11.09.2004
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Re: news.php is slow

Remember the News.php page is gettings those headlines from other websites or urls. It is accessing other sites, then it displays the headlines. I visit my news.php on a daily basis, and it loads instantly for me. If there is ever a loading issue its my server and not the page itself.

You can change where it gets the rss feeds from.
I suggest taking all the rss feeds away.

Load the page, it should load fine.
Then add feeds one at a time, to see what feed is acting so slow.

I don't use the default. I am using alot of Reuters Feeds, and Slashdot.
They update pretty good, and my page has no issue with the news.php page loading at a slower speed then my other pages.



#3 09.02.2005 20:39

Registered: 09.02.2005
Posts: 4

Re: news.php is slow

I removed the default feeds and put in the feeds I wanted to use.  It actually sped up quite a bit.  Thanks for your help.



#4 22.07.2006 22:43

From: Spain
Registered: 14.06.2004
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Re: news.php is slow

I have the same problem, i dont know why, before i 've runing v 3.6, whith the same sources of rss in news.php, but now load SO SLOW.

And i have now another problem whith the agregator, my sources are in spanish, so, the links shows strange characters when found an accent or "ñ" letter, like:

Mañana será otro día. Internet en los próximos 10 años.
Futuro de la Sociedad de la Información en América Latina y el Caribe
Prospectiva energética en el Centro de Análisis Estratégico francés
OR RADEK "Hulán"

Before, this not happen. Now i running BLOG CMS v. 4.1

Anybody can help me?

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