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#1 25.08.2005 11:36

Registered: 25.08.2005
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First View Errors

I have identified a problem that is manefest with my very standard install of BLOG:CMS and wiki etc.

The first time any browser on any computer (for any user at a guess) displays the wiki we get one or two header already sent errors, broken layout and errors on other parts of the page too.

The work arround is to simply wait a few moments and hit refresh.  If this doen't work close browser and re-open.

HOWEVER: this is too much to expect from a new visitor.  I could do with knowing what the wiki is doing only on first visit to generate these errors.

For these reasons many users might assume that their wiki has "fixed itself" as it now "works for me" but the problem will chomp on many new visitors and drive them away.

Any pointers?

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