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#11 22.05.2007 18:05

From: Argentina
Registered: 19.05.2007
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Re: Cannot get Wiki setup right

Somehow I seem to have everysingle problem that everyone has, the Wiki set up error reproduced to me exactly 100%, I will sum up the thread in case someone else wants it quicker about what to do:


1- Change permissions to 777 "wiki/data/page" AND all subdirectories inside

2- Go to "wiki/conf/dokuwiki.php" and EDIT "$conf['basedir']" and "$conf['baseurl']", they will be blank you have to add /your/path, I left an example below:

$conf['basedir']     = ''home/username/public_html/blogcms/wiki/";

$conf['baseurl']     = ''/public_html/blogcms";




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