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#1 25.08.2006 01:24

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absolute urls?

alright, I'll start with the question and then describe my problem:
I'm a php and xml n00b, so I haven't been able to find it in digging around just yet, but is there any way thats known to remove all the references throughout Blog:CMS for absolute URLs? I need to use relative URLs instead because of a rather esoteric problem I'm encountering. I guess then the question then is, would it break it all?

Okay, short story as long as possible, I've got a home server up and running, but I have no way of accessing this myself at any kind of decent speed. I've verified from several offsite locations that the server does indeed run quite fast. I'm not sure what you'd call the problem, but its that the router is trying to send AND recieve data over the internet at the same time, which just causes collisions. The only packets that make it thru are ones that have accidentally been offset. This causes <1kbps transfer speed on a connection to a computer thats not more than a meter away!

An example of why exactly this is bad an not just an inconvenience; when I upload a previously created backup, the connection times out before the whole thing gets sent if it isn't compressed down!

The problem as well as I've narrowed it down is that the connection keeps getting forwarded thru my domain, no matter how I try to access the server.
For instance, going to crawls to a near halt.
but if I access the LAN IP of the server,, I can transfer *static* content at appropriate LAN speeds. But as soon as I touch blogcms' generated pages, it puts me out to, and crawls along again. Nearly every page and script I've seen in Blog:CMS (probably the same in Nucleus) references absolute URLs, and I can't figure out a way to fix this.

do you think it might work to just try a multi-file find and replace? It seems like a lot of the info is coming from mysql in addition to php if I'm correct.

If anybody has anything else to share on the subject, I'd love to hear that as well. As you can imagine, its sad to know that *I'm* the only person who can't access my own server at any kind of decent speed!

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#2 28.08.2006 07:30

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Re: absolute urls?

I haven't tested this too extensively, but it seems I have found a solution:

Simply go into Global Settings and set your Admin, Plugins, Skins, and Media directories to:

and your action.php URL to

You know, I really should have just tried this first. This is completely logical. Meh, it never hurts to document this kind of stuff tho, I guess.

I know that Nucleus is the "shell" which this is based upon, but I figure this would be somehow complicated by any modifications made to it. Awesome.

Thanks for not chiding me for my stupidity.

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