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#1 01.01.2007 01:30

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RSS Feeds

When I click on the feed, I want a new window or tab to open versus opening in current window.  I can't find the code or admin change referenced anywhere.

I put the blog page with menu h1 an h2 removed into my existing web theme using iframe.  I did the same with the news page.  If you know of a better way, please let me know.  Iframe is inflexible with height.

I am a PHP/SQL user for 2 days, so please be specific on your instructions.  Thanks.



#2 01.01.2007 22:40

Radek Hulán
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From: Prague, Czech Republic
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Re: RSS Feeds

Go to Admin Area, Layout / ExtraSkin / rss, and put target="_blank" in <a /> links..

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