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#1 30.04.2008 08:56

Registered: 06.09.2005
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Can't edit entries

My BLOGCMS shows some strange behaviour recently. I have created four blogs and I can add items and save in each blog. But when I want to edit an entry I get the following error message. Any bug?

Add new item...

Invalid query: SELECT b.bshortname as bshortname, c.cname as cname, m.mname as mname, i.ititle as ititle, i.ibody as ibody, i.inumber as inumber, i.idraft as idraft, i.itime as itime FROM nucleus_item i, nucleus_blog b, nucleus_member m, nucleus_category c WHERE i.iblog=b.bnumber and i.iauthor=m.mnumber and i.icat=c.catid and i.iblog=4 ORDER BY i.itime DESC LIMIT 0,10

Error: Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_5a11_0.MYI' (Errcode: 13)

Any clue to the solution?


Eager to learn



#2 05.10.2008 02:03

Registered: 05.10.2008
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Re: Can't edit entries

I have kinda same problem. I can't add items - it will not allow me to add text in the body. The edit bar briefly shows and then disappear and it will not allow me to add text.

Have checked the permissions and have followed the instructions during the install.

Any advise/recommendations



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