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#1 30.06.2005 21:00

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Level 2 Headings ignoring style sheet

Our level 2 headings are ignoring the style sheet (style.css).  The H1 and H3 tags display fine but the H2 tags show normal text (10pt, unbolded) and are right justified instead of left justified.  I can make the text bold by changing style.css but nothing else I do to the .page h2 tag will change it's appearance.  Is another style sheet overriding style.css?


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#2 13.07.2005 18:50

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Re: Level 2 Headings ignoring style sheet

It sounds very much like there are additional style rules with greater specificity affecting that element.

If I check out my Blog:CMS installation, there are two style sheets affecting the h2 element.  My blog:cms skin style sheet and the wiki stylesheet (wiki/style.css).

To find out what is happening, look at the pages concerned with Firefox.  Ensure you have the webdev extension installed and operating.  Under Tools menu, select Web Developer / CSS / View Style Information.  Then move the mouse to the page element concerned and click on it.  Firefox will bring up a fresh page listing all the style rules affecting the element concerned.



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