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#1 25.08.2005 11:51

Registered: 25.08.2005
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Update to latest DokuWiki - requirments?

What will it take to update to the latest DokuWiki?

One assumes that there are a few injections into layout but other than that?

If this information can be given me or a link to it posted here I am happy to look at the wrapper tech used.

Also I think it would be easy enough to make the authenticate from another source... any thoughts?

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#2 11.09.2005 02:21

Registered: 14.01.2005
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Re: Update to latest DokuWiki - requirments?

Dokuwiki has changed significantly from the current BlogCMS version.  Key changes are the use of templates and a major directory reorganisation - which means the Blog:CMS files in wiki/includes will need to be moved to a new location (wiki/lib/tpl/default) and may also affect the location of wiki page data.

The "wrapper tech" is minimal. Dokuwiki is effectively running as itself with some styling and extra html to make it appear similar to the rest of Blog:CMS.

At a guess, you could attempt the following at minimal risk.

Copy your wiki folder somewhere safe.
Delete the folders contents including all subdirectories
Grap the latest version of Dokuwiki, extract it into the wiki folder.
Copy wiki/doku.php to wiki/index.php
Copy your wiki pages from safecopy/wiki/data to wiki/data/pages
Copy your wiki media from safecopy/wiki/media to wiki/data/media

If you use acl, you will need to get your acl information (safecopy/wiki/conf/acl.auth & safecopy/wiki/conf/users.auth) and place it in the new files wiki/conf/acl.auth.php & wiki/conf/users.auth.  You should be able to do that using the .dist version of the two files as a base.

Grap your copy of safecopy/wiki/conf/local.php and save it as wiki/conf/local.php.  Take a look through wiki/conf/dokuwiki.php to check if any of the new settings are of interest to you.

Edit your copy of safecopy/wiki/style.css and copy out the blog:cms mods (they are at the bottom), paste those mods into wiki/lib/tpl/default/design.css

Copy any files you have in safecopy/wiki/includes to wiki/lib/tpl/default
Copy safecopy/wiki/changes.log to wiki/data

Check file access permissions.  all files in wiki/data should be writable be the webserver.  All files created in wiki/data and its subfolders should have a umask that allows them to be written by the webserver.

I think that should just about do it.  Please note, I haven't upgraded Dokuwiki for the Blog:CMS installation I administer - but now that I have posted this I might.  So if you use these instructions its at your own risk.  However feel free to contact me (visit … ms/blogcms) if things go wrong and I'll try to help.



#3 22.09.2005 10:00

Registered: 25.08.2005
Posts: 44

Re: Update to latest DokuWiki - requirments?

Thankyou, I'll look into it.

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