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#1 09.04.2005 23:42

Registered: 09.04.2005
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clear separation of CONTENT and LAYOUT

As blog:cms has CMS (Content Management System) shortcut in its name it should be a CMS rather than a good blog software.

As a CMS clearly distinguishes between layout and content I would want to see blog:cms to do the same.

Currently blog:cms uses skin layout ONLY for its blog or I'm too dumb to figure out. All other features included in blog:cms behave like independent installed applications that do require an own layout.

As in typo3 layout is layout separated from content.
So one layout for all content.
I know typo3 is top software but not easy to use - unless it's set up wink

My wish:
As blogs normally are used by people who DON'T know HTML or CSS it would be lovely to have an easy to set up blog:cms

-with integrated skin editor!
-one layout for all MODULES!

Well, it's a wish - i hope not a dream? ;-)



#2 28.09.2005 08:30

From: Helsinki, Finland
Registered: 03.08.2004
Posts: 83

Re: clear separation of CONTENT and LAYOUT

Hmmm... I use header / footer with all my blogs. Layout is thus separated from content. Templates in blog:cms show only options to include WITH content (what to include before comment etc), which is really nice.

I know that you have to define css-file and control your layout with that but I have, and layout.css and they are all that I need.



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