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#1 09.01.2006 06:07

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Wiki 'Playground' save error


While playing with Wiki I realized a few things:

Wiki installation and behaviour of components depends on the server and its fascilities. While I had a clean installation and trouble free working of Wiki in a cPanel based server, Wiki installion gave me problem with another server ( For example I need to delete .htaccess in the latter while cPanel does not mind having this file.

Naturally Bravenet server installation (after a few trials) worked out finally but with the following problem.

When I work with Wiki:playground page and try to save it I get the following error message:

Writing ./attic/wiki/playground.1136775060.txt.gz failed

A file named 'start.1136771208.txt.gz' was placed automatically in Wiki/attic folder.

However, the modifications I made in the playground file was saved and appear during my second visit.

Question is: why do I get this error message? I checked the folder/file permissions. They are as recommended in Wiki installation!

Is it related in any way to 'deleting .htaccess' file?

How to recover playground editing? (interestingly, I can edit and save [[start]] page smoothly!

By the way, how to rename [[start]] file?



Eager to learn



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