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#1 26.01.2006 09:01

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media / files directory

I know this is rather a hard modification, but fckedit should be upsetable like that.  dunno about singapore...
Radek, why dont you share all pictures in a common /media directory and point the old upload mechanismn and the new mechanismn there...

smilies in /media/smilies e.g. for common smilies

using /media/photo as root for singapore optionally would be neat - so all pictures would share the same directory, and over the CMS this would be great.

even if some users upload pics over the old mechanisms it would be accessible thru the site... and all components of it.

keep up the good work,
if i have money again (not just negative money on the bank big_smile ), i definitely will donate you, great project / mod!

p.s.: i know this is low level priority, but changing it soon will make it constant over the new versions... wink

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