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#1 04.09.2007 23:26

Registered: 04.09.2007
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Skins and Templates...

I have discovered your blog. It seems great but as a new user I don't understand something.

After the installation, I open the blog and the first page is awful...I'd like to change the look.

When I go to "Style It!" there are few choice:
Jaromir Jagr, Golf, Donald Trump and Royal Navy

...but when I click on "Apply Skin! nothing happen. In fact, on my server in the Skins repertory there are two sub-directory: base and vote.

Where can I get free skins/templates and how the hell do we install it?

Thank you for your answer.



#2 10.09.2007 01:19

Radek Hulán
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From: Prague, Czech Republic
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Re: Skins and Templates...

CSS selection is saved in a cookie, do you have it enabled? You can also set prefered CSS style in NP_CSS plugin options, in admin interface.

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#3 21.11.2007 15:03

Registered: 21.11.2007
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Re: Skins and Templates...

Where is the Template folder, I cant Find, in the only place here I see is in Photo.



#4 03.01.2008 18:10

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 03.07.2007
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Re: Skins and Templates...

The css files are all located in skins/base/ there you will find them. I recommend also going to Plugins > CSS > Edit Options. From there you can identify which files match up to the drop down list and there is the default skin of extreme and you can just change that to whatever.

As far as downloading new skins this isn't really an option and although would be nice, it is difficult because these skins are meant to be modified based on your page. I created about 15 of them for kicks over time to change up the look of my blog, however if I posted them to download, they wouldn't look right as I have customized my layout and the id/classes wouldnt match. Best bet is to make some modifications of the current color schemes and move stuff around at first. Then get more creative over time.

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